Hungarian food near Detroit

Junior Burger
2009/05/25 21:14:02
We recently celebrated my mother's 70th birthday at the Rhapsody Restaurant in Southgate.  It's on Northline Road, one mile east of I-75.  We were very pleased with the service, the authenticity and the
portions!  The entrees tasted just like we remembered our mother and grandmother making when we were growing up.  The chicken paprikash, breaded porkchops, dumplings, cabbage and noodles were all delicious and so plentiful.  The strudel and palascinta were excellent.  If you're looking for great food, a very homey/family atmosphere and delicious Hungarian desserts, try the Rhapsody in Southgate.
Nathan G
Junior Burger
Re:Hungarian food near Detroit 2011/03/26 02:50:25
( I apologize for digging up a two-year-old thread, but this restaurant is worth it)
Several years back, my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I took a weekend trip to the Detroit area.  With my partial Hungarian roots and great love/appreciation for Eastern European cuisine, I did some digging and found Rhapsody in Southgate.  Having been sold (and disappointed) on the legend of Tony Packo's in Toledo, I'll admit to being a bit apprehensive.
I'm a believer that, when it comes to any place that calls itself "Hungarian", the proof is in the chicken paprikas.  Naturally, that's what I ordered, while my wife ordered stuffed cabbage.  For those who have never had good quality paprikas before, the primary color should be somewhere between a vivid orange and a bright red.  Seeing how much I was enjoying it, my wife asked if she could sample it, and I think I made a sound that's generally reserved for a dog trying to intimidate anyone who would dare try to take his food from him.   (Just kidding about that last part, but it was a terrific meal).
Every time that we go back to the Detroit area (where I have family to visit as well), we make a point of stopping at Rhapsody.  That may not sound impressive, but it's actually 60 miles out of the way.
As a side note, I took a friend up one time for an event in the area.  He's traveled extensively throughout Europe and has dined at some of the world's premier restaurant, and he declared Rhapsody's wiener schnitzel to be "easily the best I have ever tasted".
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Hungarian food near Detroit 2011/03/26 09:09:07
Nathan G-
Welcome to Roadfood!  Thanks for reviving the old thread and telling us about Rhapsody Restaurant.  I'm not Hungarian, but I love the food and will definitely make a visit on the next trip to Detroit!
Here is a link to the restaurant website if anyone else is interested.
ann peeples
Re:Hungarian food near Detroit 2011/03/26 09:30:18
Wow, that sounds like an excellent place to eat. The menu is fabulous.Any place that still uses veal( so many places serve pork schnitzel now) gets a huge vote from me.