Cakes in a can

Beverly K
2009/05/25 23:05:23

Does anyone remember these things? Back in the mid- to late eighties there was a whole line of them. And then it seems they disappeared almost overnight.
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Re:Cakes in a can 2009/05/29 09:01:16
No I sure don't.Can you tell me what flavours they were?
I know B&M, who make baked beans, had brown bread and  date bread in a can and i think still do,but haven't seen it around here in the San Antonio area lately.
Either Betty Crocker or Pillsbury made Snackem Cakes.They came with their own little pan and came in various flavours.Those were good.
Pillabury also years ago came out with an icebox cake.
You mixed up the graham cracker crust in a metal ice tray pan or some sort of metal pan.Mixed up the filling and poured it in the crust.You put it in the freezer
until firm.There was chocolate and lemon,and I think a strawberry one too.
Whip and Chill was good.I think Vermont Country Store has it. They even have Tangee Lipstick. It is a lipstick that changes color to match your natural tones.
It's been around since the 1920s,and they also have Evening in Paris perfume too, another oldy.
Beverly K
Re:Cakes in a can 2009/05/30 12:59:33
No these weren't mixes. They were ready-to-serve cakes in a can. You actually had to use an opener to open the can, and then push the cake onto a plate.  They weren't very large, but really dense and moist.
I recall three flavors; chocolate, vanilla and lemon. And the can had ideas on it for dressing up the cake once it was  plated.
They were small and kind of pricy, which is probably what led to their disappearance.
I've seen the brown bread in a can. I think it's still there, right near where the baked beans are.
Re:Cakes in a can 2009/05/30 18:50:47
Not the same kind of cakes you are talking about I think, but I know you can get rum cake, a chocolate bourbon cake and scotch cake , sealed and canned from a company that also sells haggis and lamb stew.

Caledonian Kitchen is the name I think.  I have had the  rum cake and it is very rich.  I like the bits of pineapple in it.

I have another can somewhere in the cupboard to pull out in case of unexpected company, or a rum cake emergency.  It is so rich I can only eat a few very thin  slices and then put the rest in the fridge to eat a few slices at a time.  Took me over a week to eat the first one.(28 oz can)

Not cheap (expensive actually) but not bad stuff.