Middleburg Creamery

2009/05/27 10:28:23
This creamery, which started in Middleburg, VA as a country store, has expanded its ice cream making operations to Winchester VA. They also have a trailor that goes to events selling their ice cream. I had the pleasure of trying their ice cream at the Viva Vienna! Festival, a three day festival celebrating the community of Vienna, VA.
Their ice cream is fantastic. Fresh, creamy, tasty.
I had been past the country store in Middleburg on my way to some Northen VA wineries, and always wanted to stop, but we already had our pinic baskets full, so we have never stopped there. Now, another business is located in that spot, and the creamery is a bit further west in Winchester.  But, their ice cream trailor is found at several Northern, VA events, in addition to their new larger digs in Winchester.
If you're ever in Winchester, or see their trailor selling ice cream, I highly suggest giving this truly mom and pop ice cream company a try.
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Re:Middleburg Creamery 2009/05/27 10:39:52
You forgot to mention that this
same Hunt Country find also matches
its ice cream with the Loudoun County,
Virginia honey-infused...
...to produce the perfect
root beer float.
Re:Middleburg Creamery 2009/05/27 16:57:02
no doubt a good combination!
Re:Middleburg Creamery 2011/03/14 08:39:45
Is Middleburg still open?  Their website is down there was a story last month about how they had downsized the operation due to an injury.