MATSU Family Restaurant voted #1 in Vally

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2009/05/28 02:57:13
 Good news, The restaurant that I happen to work at for the last year has been voted number one by the readers of the Vally Frontiersman news paper. We also took first place for "home style" food and second in the lunch category. (only because we don't serve beer or wine.)

  We are a classic family owned and operated store and I consider us a "diner" in the true sense of the word. We have daily blue plate specials, we have great burgers, shakes, fries, and breakfast all day. But we also have the best hand cut 12 oz. broiled rib eye steak in the valley. We always have interesting specials every night, like herb crusted halibut with citrus tarter sauce, or beef Stroganoff with fettuccini.

  Including me we have at least three cooks who have more than 75 years experience, combined, two of them on the line at any given time. We are a team oriented kitchen most of the time but we do have our share of kitchen staff turnover.

  I hope that some of you will come up here to try us out when you make it up here or even recommend us to your friends if they decide to visit.

  David O.

Re:MATSU Family Restaurant voted #1 in Vally 2009/05/28 10:22:55
Has the lovely Gov. ever eaten there?
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Re:MATSU Family Restaurant voted #1 in Vally 2009/05/28 13:19:35
LOL...ROFL...I get this feeling the OP was inspired by my "Best Pizza In The Valley" comment on a similar thread yesterday. As I have written here several times, it refers to those readers awards that are put on by publishers of free weekly newspapers. It is a happy confluence of the publishers who "declare the winners", the advertisers, the locations where the papers are distributed (usually on the premises of the advertisers), the readers (who usually pick up the paper while visiting the restaurant being advertised,) and the voters who by now are familiar with the restaurants being advertised.

The reason for my feeling is that, at least in the online version of the newspaper, the list was released back on April 30th, 2009. The title of the article was "2009 Best of the Valley" (what a coincidence.) There is a difference here, being that the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman is a regular newspaper sold for money on newstands, etc. With about 80 restaurants being listed for Wasilla, many of them chains and FF joints, the Family Restaurant does appear to be popular locally. The picture taken indoors on the home page of the restaurant's web site sure suggests Roadfood.
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Re:MATSU Family Restaurant voted #1 in Vally 2009/05/28 13:56:20


Congratulations. I too have won awards through the weekly polls and it is a great honor to be proud of. For three years we won best breakfast. They changed the category to Best Brunch and how can you compete with Bradley Ogden and the Lark Creek Inn?

I trust those weeklies. I have based some of my CT culinary meals based on them just as much as and even more than the Roadfood listings.
The New Haven Advocate has Modern Appizza as # 1, and they are correct.

Re:MATSU Family Restaurant voted #1 in Vally 2009/05/29 01:09:08
Congrats Chef! Sounds like some great food to me. I will for sure stop by if I am anywhere near.
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Re:MATSU Family Restaurant voted #1 in Vally 2009/05/29 01:58:53
  Chewingthefat, The Guv. and her family have eaten here on numerous occasions. We are, after all a family themed place. She was the mayor of Wasilla before she was the Guv. and this is where she resides when not in office.

  Thanks for all the kudos everyone. 

  As a restaurant chef I am very proud of the products I serve and am glad that people appreciate what I do. I should also thank all of the loyal customers that keep coming back to our humble restaurant and making us #1.

  Thank you all!!!

  David O.