Banana Flips?

Junior Burger
2009/05/28 11:28:39
Does anyone out there know what happened to Banana Flips? The snack cakes with banana cake folded like a taco with banana cream in the middle? Cannot seem to locate them at the convenience stores any more. Had not had one in years and had a recent urge for one.
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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Banana Flips? 2009/05/28 14:25:59
Those used to be sold in our area under the Merita/Mickey label which was taken over by Holsum many years ago and since then by Interstate Bakeries. In this area, Holsum recently consolodated all of their products,labels,and bakeries. They may have become a casualty of that action. I haven't seen those anywhere in several years though. Last time I even remember them is when my girls were in elementary school. You might want to find out who the Interstate bakery is in your area.