Mexican in Louisville

2003/12/12 11:42:10
Has anyone from around here been to La Tapitia? Great tacos for a buck, huge burritos for around 3 bucks, and normally the group I go with are the only gringos in the place. great food with excellent prices. They have 2 locations, one on Central Ave right near the track.. and one way out on Prestion past Sams club. If you get a cance... their outstanding. Plus they have a Panaria.. a bakery making Pan Dolce.. the Mexican sweet breads.. Awesome

Ian's Mom...
RE: Mexican in Louisville 2003/12/12 13:59:36
thanks.. BTW .. GO BLUE.. wearing my UM hat as I type (bad hair day, oy you shouldn't ask) Can't for the life of find a good deli here in Lou, it's horrible, how I long for a good knish thats not frozen. Though for t-day I did get to have a great kishke. The only kosher place here in the state of KY is .. the Cafe' at the JCC, which I'm at everyday because my son (if you didn't guess Ian, what color is the sky in your world?) goes to after school.

mayor al
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RE: Mexican in Louisville 2003/12/12 14:35:09
Welcome to the boards. I am always glad to see someone from our neck of the woods here !
I haven't been looking much, but I would have to agree that the number of deli's that are above the 'Subway' level are scarce if not invisble in the Louisville area.
We will scout out the Mex-places you mentioned sometime this winter. BTW I taught a couple of classes in the evening program at JCC (Dixie Hiway) a couple of years ago.
See ya around town !!
RE: Mexican in Louisville 2003/12/12 15:53:45
I'm not so sure.. at least in MI you have Zigermans... I actually was up in Ann Arbor in Augs.. for the blackout.. Zigermans was closed.. I was heart broken... I so wanted chicken soup and matzohballs, chopped liver, good pickles.. you can't get that here in Louisville, good Mexican is easier, a lot of the workers at the track or mexican so we get the good stuff.
TJ Jackson
RE: Mexican in Louisville 2003/12/13 22:45:55
Ian's Mom and Shayna's mom.

Makes me think I should have named myself 'Beth_and_Katys_Dad'

Then again, naaaaaaaaah :-)
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RE: Mexican in Louisville 2004/04/02 18:03:13
Ian's Mom -

Check out the deli section of your new Whole Foods market on Shelbyville. My Whole Foods carrys knishes that are pretty good. If they don't have them, ask. I'm sure they will oblige.
Junior Burger
RE: Mexican in Louisville 2005/07/24 14:21:34
I think it changed owners since then, but I nce went to that Mexican restaurant above Hooters there on the Jeff waterfront. I had bought a gift certificate from them for $5 on Ebay, an they refused to honor it. The buffet was quite poor, no where near worth what we paid, and then when we left the waiters gave sarcastic goodbyes after we left without tipping, as if we should tip after not having my certificate honored and then having bad service and bad food.