New location for Doogie's ?

2003/12/12 12:51:03
After a meal at Uncle Willie's in Waterbury we drove a little bit further up the road where Huntington Rd. becomes Homer St. There in a little stip mall was Doogies! Looks like they are not quite open for biz just yet.

I don't know if Doogie's moved from the original location or if they're opening up another joint.

What a decision...2 foot long hot dogs, or burnt ends B-B-Q?

richard stevens
Junior Burger
RE: New location for Doogie's ? 2004/01/24 01:33:52
doogie's is still open on the berlin turnpike as of last week anyway.

Michael Stern
Fire Safety Admin
RE: New location for Doogie's ? 2004/01/25 16:23:35
Here's what Rock, aka Doogie, had to say in a recent e-mail: "We are still in Newington---thriving location--Opening Waterbury in about 6 weeks hopefully. 3 months behind because of hood guy. However, it's finally in and we should start moving along at a rapid clip."