Burger Joint, NYC-Restaurant of the Day 6/2/09

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2009/06/03 23:55:15
I just wanted to say thanks to Michael and Stephen for going there and getting this up on the site.  I had heard great things about it from many people here in the city and I went one day.  I got lost, of course, and after the nice man in the hotel answered my plea for directions (once I was in the hotel, mind you), I picked up my burger and fries.  I wasn't crazy about it though.  Just seemed ordinary and the toppings were okay, but nothing to write home about.  The reason I like your review so much is that it has inspired me to give it a second try.  Your burger looks much thicker than the one I had!  

A quick tip.  I had first heard about it from The Travelin' Man and from Lawrence at NYCFoodGuy.com.  Lawrence gave me a great tip to call ahead and avoid the lines.  I used to work a few blocks from there so on my lunch break, I had their phone number on speed dial in my cell.  I walked out of work, placed my order, and 5 minutes later walked to the head of the line, paid my cash and beat a hasty retreat back to the office.  The daggers that were stared upon me were classic!  
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Stephen Rushmore Jr.
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Re:Burger Joint, NYC-Restaurant of the Day 6/2/09 2009/06/04 02:23:15

That's a great tip about calling ahead.  I find it works at many of the busy restaurants.  Last weekend I used the same tactic and managed to completely avoid an hour long wait at the clam box.  I got the same stares you did!
Matt from Brooklyn
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Re:Burger Joint, NYC-Restaurant of the Day 6/2/09 2009/06/10 23:34:52
I was going there when they were charging $10 for the 2 burgers you need. Within a year, they upped their price to $14 for the 2 burgers with an intermediate stop at $12.

1 of their burgers (5oz?) is never enough for me.

They've been on 10 best lists for years but if the line is too long, I go to 5 Guys down the block on 55th st or Carnegie which might even be cheaper per oz. I'll try that call ahead next time, though.