Lemon-Pepper Catfish

mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
2003/04/03 11:35:39
I love fried Catfish! As a lower fat alternative, in a vain attempt to save my life, my wife has begun to use lemon-pepper seasoning in place of the traditional cornmeal breading, and a very minimum amount of oil to cook the fish, as opposed to deep-fat frying. I must admit IT IS GREAT!!
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Lemon-Pepper Catfish 2003/04/05 13:00:10
The freshest catfish I ever had the opportunity to devour was on a road between Meridian Mississippi and Montgomery Alabama. For those that are familiar with the area, catfish farming is a big deal. I have seen farms that appeared to have 50-75 ponds with their own processing plant. I passed one of these and a real southern gentleman had set up a roadfood type establishment across the street and had a huge pond with catfish. You picked it and he fileted it on the spot and about 10 minutes later you had a catfish sandwich on white bread. That was all he sold. You did have your choice of his own brand of tartar, tabasco, salt or pepper.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Lemon-Pepper Catfish 2003/04/06 11:01:24
I moved my reply to the SEAFOOD Board to get closer to the topic...Thanks for the tip !!
Junior Burger
RE: Lemon-Pepper Catfish 2003/04/20 16:46:30
Al...Have you ever tried a coating of plain yellow mustard before you sprinkle with your lemon pepper? We always do that before coating with cornmeal, and I think you might enjoy it your way, too. There's something about the mustard-fish combination that is quite pleasing. Don't go crazy with it; but a healthy swipe of it does wonders!