Tallahassee Steaks

Junior Burger
2009/06/08 03:17:38
THE place for steaks in Tallahassee USED to be Nicholson's Steak House near Havana, FL but it closed down some years ago after a fire took out the main building. Now Marie Livingston's Steakhouse on North Monroe St. takes the crown as THE place for steaks in Tallahassee but they will be moving to their new location on Apalachee Parkway in the future. Other than that, there's not really a locally owned steak place. The rest of the restaurants that specialize in steaks are all chains. A downtown hotel is being renovated and advertising a Don Shula's. However knowing the history of restaurants in this town, especially ones run out of hotels, Shula's will do well initially but probably close within a couple of years tops. The parking at this downtown hotel is terrible which will hurt business IMHO.
Junior Burger
Re:Tallahassee Steaks 2009/12/24 15:44:33
Marie Livingston's  Apalachee Parkway location just opened a couple days ago.