Tiki Bars in the Washington Post

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2009/06/10 09:49:55
The Washington Post has a fun article today, "Better Tiki Than Tacky,"about Tiki Bars, and recipes for the cocktails they serve:
My favorite surviving tiki bar is at the Lotus Garden in Greenwood, Indiana (south of Indianapolis).  It's a great old-style Chinese American restaurant, with a full menu of tiki drinks.  I always have the Navy Grog.  With rumaki, of course!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Tiki Bars in the Washington Post 2009/06/10 12:42:55
Gotta go with the Pupu Platter & a couple of Mai Tais!
Re:Tiki Bars in the Washington Post 2009/06/10 14:24:03
This is the only tiki bar I have any interest in visiting.

Re:Tiki Bars in the Washington Post 2009/06/10 14:25:57

Just had a cool one open up here in Des Moines.  Fong's Pizza.  It is in the building that housed King Ying Low from 1900 and something to 2007, I believe.  Place had a fire and never recovered.  A local group of bar enthusiasts called Full Court Press and a new group of some of them called Half Court Press, bought it and opened it up.  Lots of Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic sort of stuff, and darn good made from scratch pizza.  If you are ever in town, give it a try.  :)
Re:Tiki Bars in the Washington Post 2009/06/10 17:07:32
There's a Thai Restaurant in town that serves a whole host of Tiki Drinks. But, I don't know what the writer is talking about when he says Washington is Tiki-Starved. Many of the Chinese restaurants, Tony Chen's in particular, in Chinatown, DC (which is quickly becoming Verison Center, DC) has been serving tiki-drinks in tiki-novelty cup for years and years. You don't see the Polynesian decor anymore, but the drinks and those tiki glasses and cups are alive and well in DC.

In Potsdam, NY a popular bar in the 80-90's was Bali-Hai, decorated in a polynesian theme complete with bamboo and straw huts. My first taste of the Mai Tai and other assorted fruity drinks, served in plastic tiki cups, with fresh fruit and umbrellas.

Filet Mignon
Re:Tiki Bars in the Washington Post 2009/06/10 19:25:47
whats all this--i closed my bar long ago!