Smoking Box?

Cajun man
2009/06/11 09:12:47
I need some advice.   I am originally from SW Louisiana - yes I am indeed a TRUE Cajun as my name indicates....and I grew up around what we call Coonass Microwaves or Cajun Microwaves.  Some of you may know the product as a LA Caja China.  They are basically smoking boxes.  Although this is method of cooking is NOT your typical "smoking that pig on a big black traditional iron behemoth of a smoker"....I recently seen one in action ata BBQ cookoff competition in Raleigh, NC and it really peaked my interest.  What are you guys thoughts on this box?  The pig I had was phenominal coming out of this box....and it cooked it for half the time....and appeared to be less labor instensive.  Downside?  It's a baked product and NOT a smoked product. There is no smoke ring....but with a little liquid smoke - could you not add the smoke flavor?  What are you guys thoughts on this?
Re:Smoking Box? 2009/06/11 12:37:11
Liquid smoke?

Russ Jackson
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Smoking Box? 2009/06/11 13:19:43
Lolita in Cleveland (Michael Symons Restaurant) serves whole pig on Friday night cooked in a La Caja China Box and it is amazing. I will buy or make one one of these days. They make a smoking apparatus for the box also.

Better be carefull about the Liquid Stuff around here. You might want to edit it out before its too late. Plus mar52 will look like he is suggesting it...Russ
Cajun man
Re:Smoking Box? 2009/06/11 14:16:43
Yikes..sorry about the Liquid Smoke - didn't know that was such a no-no.