Superhero steaks in the midwest?

Rab Dalas
Junior Burger
2009/06/12 11:29:45
I really hope somesone can help me. 10 years (or so) ago, I found out about a steakhouse in the midwest (I want to say Kansas) that had, as a theme, a superhero from a comic strip that ran in a college newspaper. I swore I would eat there one day. In a couple months I'll be in the midwest and I can find no clue what or where this steak house was. I had a fire since then and all the info on my computer went away. As did the whole computer. Anyway...
I know it was in a college town. I've tried googling (and even binging) every combination of words I can come up with and had no success. Surely someone on this board can figure out what I'm talking about.

A million thanks for any help.
Re:Superhero steaks in the midwest? 2009/06/17 14:37:38
Do you remember anything else?  Possible name of the town?  If it was 10 years ago it's quite possible the place is gone.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Superhero steaks in the midwest? 2009/07/05 01:26:20
I've lived here in Kansas for 20 years, and this doesn't ring any bells.