Vic's on the River in Savannah, GA

Cajun man
2009/06/13 09:11:17
Everything is rated 1-5, with 5 being the highest.  For the record - were a party of 13.
Where do I start? 
First off - the decor:  4.  Neat clean, with an amazing view of the river.  Twice during our meal we got to see huge river boats being being pushed by tugs - pretty cool site.
Service: 3.  The server was a little awkward not very engaging.  The wait for the food was a little long.  Even the refills on drinks were sometimes lengthy.
Food:  3.5.  Steaks were flippin humongous!  Absolutely huge.  very nice.  Everything else was ok - not what I would call "Slap 'ya Momma" good.  I had the Oysters Rockefeller (4) and the Shrimp Gumbo (1 :o( ).  I also had their pulled pork eggrolls (3) crabcakes (3.5) and their Calamari (3).  Chocltae Cheesecake (4.5).
Pricing:  3. On the upper end.  I actually thought they were alittle overpriced.  ranging from $18-40 an entree.  Again - not opposed to paying for good food - providing it is good food.
For the record ~ I have owned & operated my own restaurant & catering business for a few years.  I have been in & out of the foodservice industry over the last 15 years - so I would like to think that I might offer just a little more than the casual eye.