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Stern's Lover
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2009/06/17 16:01:35
OMG Stern's BBQ in Culver City was the ALL TIME BEST BBQ EVER!!!  That sauce!  I am so surprised that no one has been able to obtain the recipe from the former owners.  NOTHING COMPARES with Stern's BBQ sauce.  Everything on the menu was great:  ribs, brisket, baked beans, and even the pickles.  Someone would be able to make a killing if they were able to lay their hands on that recipe.... C'mon, aren't there any enterprising folks out there?   
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Re:Stern's BBQ 2009/06/17 16:05:11
At first, I was thinking Jane & Michael had started up their own bbq parlor!
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Re:Stern's BBQ 2009/06/17 18:08:15
Nice first post.
Re:Stern's BBQ 2009/06/18 12:27:03
I've mentioned Stern's BBQ a few times over my few years here on Roadfood.

It was indeed the best sauce ever!  Not sweet, just delicious.  It had little pieces of meat in it.  What I would give for that recipe!

I used to pull out the center bread of my roll and fill it with sauce, top with the best cole slaw ever and then the brisket.

Had it every single Sunday until they closed.

I grew up near the intersection of Sepulveda and Venice.

It was worth the short trip to get it!

I pass by the Stern's building a few times a week and have those same sauce thoughts.

It was absolutely the best.
Re:Stern's BBQ 2009/06/18 12:39:52
Hello again Stern's Lover.

Are you from the plumbing family?

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Re:Stern's BBQ 2009/07/22 12:32:57
Just found this site while hoping against hope for a link to the recipe for Stern's incredible sauce! Yes, I too grew up going to Stern's at least once a week and after all these years have yet to come across a bbq sauce as unique or delicious as Stern's was! As Stern's Lover said, everything was great. 
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Re:Stern's BBQ 2009/10/27 02:05:57
As I posted on another Stern's thread here, Stern's was founded by my great-grandfather Isadore, passed on to sons Eddie then Max, then finally to Max's son Hal. If anyone would have the recipe for the bbq sauce, it would be Hal, who, last I heard, was a horseman and real estate broker in Flagstaff, Arizona. Just before The Barbeque (there was only one) closed, they were selling sauce by the bottle, which I remember seeing in my grandmother's closet some time later. I still pray for one to show up on Ebay.  If Max were still around I'm sure he'd appreciate all the kind words. I miss it too, it was the best.
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Re:Stern's BBQ 2014/01/26 06:29:21
For fans of Stern's there's a fascinating article on the history of smoked brisket, tracing origins to Jewish butchers in  El Paso in the 1910's, which of course is where Isidor Stern landed in 1918 before moving the family to California. Stern's doesn't get a mention but the 1920 city directory for El Paso shows just three purveyors of barbecued meats, one of them being Isidor Stern's two shop locations. See the History of Smoked Brisket at

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Re:Stern's BBQ 2014/01/26 14:45:47
This is coming by way of Cambodia ???
Re:Stern's BBQ 2014/01/26 16:07:51
This is coming by way of Cambodia ???

I wondered about that too but I'm glad he/she sent it since it introduced me to the web site!
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Re:Stern's BBQ 2014/01/26 20:31:04
I have a nice Stern's Matchbook in my I have to remember how to upload pics here....Brisket trimmings in the the sauce....sounds good. 
Re:Stern's BBQ 2014/01/27 18:06:31
Oh, that sauce!
Re:Stern's BBQ 2014/02/12 22:14:49
OK, i have never had the pleasure of Having Stern's BBQ Sauce. Even though i have been in that neck of the woods plenty of times. I think a empathic description is in order here.........Anyone?