The Hamburger Show

Filet Mignon
2009/06/17 18:41:01
I stumbled on this:
... a bit of schtick up front, but worthwhile ... note this is episode 6 in the URL I viewed a few others by changing the number in the address line and found it to be valid.

Seems to be Chicago-centric.

Ellen ???
Re:The Hamburger Show 2009/06/17 23:17:27
We've been watching it for weeks on this thread.

It seems Chicago-centric because it is a production of CLTV, Chicago's local version of CNN, and Kevin Pang, a features reporter with an emphasis on food, at the Chicago Tribune.  The Trib features a weekly print accompaniment to the video.

They're on an early summer hiatus right now and are supposed to resume taping in July.