Well, you did it......

acoustic blues
2003/12/14 16:50:07
You guys ruined me for hot dogs anywhere else lol. My wife and I stopped at Rutts on our way out of NYC Saturday and all I can say is OMG, they are about the best dogs I have ever had (wife concurs btw).
We each got two rippers with relish and an order of onion rings which were also out of this world. We didn't finish one order between us. Thats how much they heaped on the plate.
But back to the dogs... I have never tasted anything like them. Don't know whether it was the deep frying or the dogs themselves or just a combination of the two. But DAYUM. And the relish was unique. It tasted like there was some kraut mixed in. Excellent. I did get one for the road without relish to experience the taste of just the dog like you guys suggested. I'm still thinking about them.
A note on ordering..you don't have to specify "ripper" if thats the way you want your dog; just say 'one or two or a hundred' and you automatically get a ripper. We got there just before the lunch crowd so I couldn't observe anybody in front me. I told the guy "four rippers with relish" and he just yelled out 'four'. You put your own relish on after they serve them. So I certainly didn't come across as a local (don't have the accent anyway). But next time I'll know. Trouble is, next time I have the hankering for a hot dog I'm going to have a 4hr round trip drive. Thanks lol.

Ort. Carlton.
Filet Mignon
RE: Well, you did it...... 2003/12/14 19:40:35
I'm fascinated. Whereabouts were you? Fill us in. Dogged if I can read your mind from here.
Thinking Of Lightnin' Hopkins' LP "Free Form Patterns" On International Artists Records As I Type (I Don't Have That, But I Do Have A 45 Off It), Ort. Carlton in Cool-But-Tolerable Athens, Georgia.
P. S. I'm assuming you were someplace in New Jersey. When I went up thoseaways, I missed all the hot dog places. I would never, ever doubt that Roadfood Nirvana might well be found on a debris-littered side street in a grungy neighborhood of Paterson....
John Fox
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RE: Well, you did it...... 2003/12/15 17:43:45
Rutt's is located in Clifton, a few minutes away from Paterson. In fact, there is a place in Paterson called Libby's that is famous for their Texas Weiners. They use the same dog as Rutt's and cooks it the same way. I prefer Rutt's because they cook the dogs to different degrees of doneness, and of course the relish goes great with those dogs.

Glad you enjoyed Rutt's. It certainly is a different type of hot dog. Made by Thumann's specifically for deep frying. It contains soy protein and semolina. Plus Thumann's makes the highest quality franks in my opinion. The relish contains mustard, cabbage, carrots, and I think onions. Funny thing, some people hate this dog. My family won't eat there, so I have to go alone or with friends. But whatever your opinion, they are different and unique. I know a pizzeria owner who orders his meats from a Thumann's distributor. Just today I had him put in an order for 5 lbs of these franks. You must get them from a distributor as they aren't available in stores. I get them for what they sell them to Rutt's and other restaurants which is $2.99/lb. Rutt's will sell them to you for $5.00 a lb. I cook them in a deep fryer until well done (I prefer the "wellers") at 350 degrees like Rutt's does. Then I add Rutt's relish that they sell to take home. And I have the same franks that are served at Rutt's in the comfort of my home. If you know someone who owns a pizzeria, deli, sub shop, etc. that uses Thumann's meats, ask them if they will order some of the "deep fry franks" for you. Then just pay the owner what he is charged for them. Only thing is, you have to purchase a minimum of 5 lbs.