seafarer john
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2009/06/23 21:22:07
My dear wife brought me home a bottle of Old Whiskey River Bourbon today.
It's 86 proof, straight Kentucky Bourbon from Bardstown, made by Old Whiskey River in small batches and says something on the back about God bless the American Farmer, etc..

Anyhow, I had a small glass after dinner to settle my digestion and it was a very pleasant quaff. At $23 it seems to this neophyte like a good buy. 

Forgot to mention that the bottle had a guitar pick with Willie Nelson's signature wired to the neck. Anyone know what Willie has to do with this distiller?

Cheers, John 

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Re:bourbon 2009/06/26 13:38:31
Per the articel linked below, it seems it's his bourbon, like cabo wabo is sammy hagar's tequila.
Haven't seen it in Maryland but I will be on the look out.
Re:bourbon 2009/06/26 14:36:03
Will be on the lookout for it here in S.C.
seafarer john
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Re:bourbon 2009/06/26 18:42:15
I detect neither sweetness nor smoke in the booze, but I do like it - especially at $23 as opposed to Boston's $30.

Thanks, eruby, for the nfo...

Cheers, John 
Filet Mignon
Re:bourbon 2009/06/26 18:57:00
Whiskey River was one of his biggest hits....
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Re:bourbon 2009/06/29 06:52:05
He opens almost every show with "Whiskey River" (the song that is)....I think he has a BBQ Sauce flavored with it also......
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Re:bourbon 2009/06/29 11:34:05
OWR is made by Heaven Hill Distilleries.  
mayor al
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Re:bourbon 2009/06/29 17:57:23
Heaven Hill is located in Bardstown, KY. It has a great visitors center and walking tour available !  The Tasting Room in the Visitors Center provides some interesting insight to variations in Bourbon flavors. (and it is FREE!!)
Re:bourbon 2009/07/23 20:50:17
Havent seen any yet here in Sparkle City.