Summer Nashville Food Festivals

Junior Burger
2009/06/24 15:36:07
Two free festivals worth mentioning in Nashville this summer:
2009 Music City Hot Chicken Festival  Friday July 4th  11-3 in East Park - 700 Woodland Street - Free.    Will feature children's activities, and food by: Prince's Hot Chicken Shack, Bolton's Spicy Chicken and Fish, The Chicken Shack, 400 Degrees, Dee's Q, Otter's Chicken Tenders, East Side Fish, Fleur De Lis Flavors (New Orleans snowballs), Nashville Farmer's Market, and local micro-brew Yazoo Brewing.   There will be an amateur hot chicken contest where six locals will try to claim the crown.  Great opportunity to try all the chicken in one place and judge for yourself who is the best. 
Two) 2009 Tomato Art Festival - Saturday August 8 - Five Points and Environs in Historic East Nashville.  This neighborhood free-for-all that celebrates all things tomato with children's activities, costumes, parades, local bands, fashion shows, local food and craft vendors, bloody maries, BLT's, tomato ice-cream and snowballs, hula hooping, tomato sculpture contests, and more tomato art than you can shake a stick at.  Family friendly, good eats, tons of fun!   Usually there is a preview party, bloody mary contest, song-writing or poetry contests, and a crowning of the Tomato King and Queen the night before.   Website doesn't have many details yet, but the schedule is always late being posted.   Tons of fun.
If you're down this way, come enjoy.  
carolina bob
Filet Mignon
Re:Summer Nashville Food Festivals 2009/06/24 18:17:34
kgee, I wish I could. I love the hot chicken at both Prince's and Bolton's, and I'd sure like to try the chicken at a few of their competitors. Oh well, maybe next year...