Liberty Tavern Restaurant in Fords, NJ

Junior Burger
2009/06/25 12:43:47
This bar/restaurant is a gem in the rough. I'm tempted to not list for fear it'll get overcrowded, but in the interest of community service, here I go:
An example, their huge deluxe burger, including a generous side of fries, a pickle and slaw, costs just $6 and is every bit worth twice the price. A few beers and a burger come to around $11!
I've also enjoyed a terrific rib-eye steak with potatoes and corn ($11.95) 
Liberty is actually the home of the original pizza burger ($6.25) and has been around since 1949. 
Location: King George Road at Libery Street in Fords, NJ

Dog Boss
Re:Liberty Tavern Restaurant in Fords, NJ 2009/07/18 10:13:12
not earth moving great,  but, they do make a decent burger. with a VERY  cold one, becomes even better.