Culver's...How does one get a "smal?"

2009/06/30 10:45:36
In general, I really like Culver's.  I can only comment on their Butter Burgers and malts since I've only been there four or five times and that's what I've ordered.
My question is, to those of you that frequent Culver' does one get a small malt instead of a medium when they order a small?  I cannot eat a lot of ice cream; even the small size is a bit too big for me.  So I order the small everytime and I get a medium everytime.  I have noticed that the wait at Culver's is at least three times longer than any other fast food chain I've gone too so I have hesitated to complain.  This last time (yesterday) I saved my receipt and notice that they don't itemize; there's just a total on the bottom.  But there was an "M" next to my malt order which would indicate that I ordered a Medium.
So I called the manager today and he said that they default to a Medium when you don't specify the size.  I said I was absolutely sure that each time I specified the size.  Of course he went into the song and dance about bringing the receipt back, etc.  But I told him I wasn't going through the motions to get a dollar, I just wanted them to be fair and give people what they order and charge accordingly.  I told him the food there was good enough to wait for and they could make it on their food and fair prices alone without any trickery at the cash registers.  Any thoughts on this?  Do you think I handled this okay?  FYI, I was in the car for all but the last transaction.  They give you a number and ask you to wait in the lot and for that reason alone it's hard to complain on the spot about your food and wait even longer for them to rectify the situation. 
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Re:Culver's...How does one get a "smal?" 2009/06/30 12:38:57
Although I have never had this problem at Culvers, this very thing is why quite a few years ago I stopped doing drive-thrus, period.  Between speakers which don't work well in one direction or another and order-takers who are having an "important" conversation with someone else (or texting) at the same time they are taking your order or having their mind on last night's or tomorrow's date or this morning's argument (or for some other reason), I found I was lucky to have my order complete and correct 50% of the time, so it was just quicker and easier to park and go inside, even if I wanted to take out the order.  That way I can watch them prepare my order and, before I leave the counter, I can make sure everything is there, the right items and the right size.
Re:Culver's...How does one get a "smal?" 2009/06/30 16:20:57
I NEVER use the drive-thru - for obvious reasons.

I like Culvers quite a lot but don't eat at one very often as the closest one to where I live is 30 miles.  For my money, their hamburgers are the best fast-food burgers around.  But then, it is difficult to call them fast-food burgers as it always takes a while to get your food (I am not really complaining though).

I agree that you should get what you order and only be charged for what you order.

However, perhaps the biggest problem here is why you can eat only a small amount of ice cream....have you consulted with your physician about this life-changing disease?  Maybe there is help for you.

Have a great day.

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Re:Culver's...How does one get a "smal?" 2009/06/30 16:49:00
I've always gone in.  So I'm thinking you *want* the cup that the boys' cones are turned over in and you're *getting* the cup my sundae is in?

edited to add: oh wait, you said malt.  Never mind.  /Emily Litella
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Re:Culver's...How does one get a "smal?" 2009/06/30 17:31:15
order a "kids size" that's what my wife learned is the only way to get a small.

love Culvers, great burgers, worth the wait, and cold treats are excellent.

Re:Culver's...How does one get a "smal?" 2009/06/30 20:34:45
I was inside the restaurant this last time "FYI I was in the car for all but the last transaction".....
mjsndeeon, thanks for the concern about my health.   I really could eat a whole gallon it's concern about the high calories that forces me to pull in the reigns.  I am definitely not lactose intolerant...just not burning the calories as fast during my menopause years.  So I'm going to rule out 'drive thru mis-communication'.  I hate to think they are just told to upsell, but now I think they are.  I plan on testing them in the future.
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Re:Culver's...How does one get a "smal?" 2009/07/01 04:37:20
Well, I had to sign in today just to respond to this.  I've made many, many visits to Culver's over the years, and never been anything but satisfied.  They are a perfect example of what a corporation should be; fair to employees and generous to the community.  If anything, in a dispute they are responsive even to a fault.  The idea that they are trying to upsell anything just doesn't wash.  Have you looked at how busy all their stores are?  The idea that they are out to steal a few pennies on a malt is ludicrous.

All those teenage kids and friendly grandmas that work there are our next door neighbors; do you think they're going to go along with cheating us?
Re:Culver's...How does one get a "smal?" 2009/07/01 11:38:21
I don't think I have a problem enunciating "small" and it certainly doesn't sound like "medium".  I DO have a feeling that they are upselling us; the difference is not a few pennies, it is a dollar.  Multiply that and the fact that the price does not appear on your receipt.  It is deceptive.

Yes, they have wonderful food.  They should not have to do this.  But they do, consistently.
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Re:Culver's...How does one get a "smal?" 2009/07/01 12:40:44

 I enjoy our Culver's on a regular basis. The size of the beverage hasn't been an issue for me as I usually get a 'Small' fountain beverage, which means an empty cup and access to the multi-outlet fountain dispenser.
  My usual selection is either the BPT (breaded and fried) or the Double BaconBurger (Jumbo) (no cheese)  The only dressings I use are raw onion and tomato...I'll add catsup at the table as needed!  I also ask for 'extra crispy Fries.

We have enjoyed the Walleye sandwich when they have them, but they are not on the regular menu so it is an 'on and off' selection.  When they came on the menu temporarily we tested the Ribs and the Fried Shrimp. Both were ok but not something I would order very often, mainly due to the higher costs than my lunch budget normally allows !

I will share your comment with the local Manager, whom I know fairly well. I am sure he will be interested in your issue.
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Re:Culver's...How does one get a "smal?" 2009/07/02 03:47:17
Hello Nessie,
According to the Culver's "to go" menu in my kitchen drawer, they do not refer to a small malt as a "small."  They call it a "short."  They have three sizes for their shakes, malts, concrete mixers and root beer floats -- short, medium, tall.

Maybe this will help you, and you can ask for this menu on your next trip.
Re:Culver's...How does one get a "smal?" 2009/08/17 19:21:55
I went to Culver's today, first time since I posted my frustration about getting a small malt.  Today I ordered the turkey rueben (which was one of their daily specials) and a small diet soda.  I was inside the building, not at the drive through.  As I was ordering, I could see it on a small display screen.  I saw my sandwich order and a Medium Punch.  Right away I asked the girl what size beverage I was getting and she said 'medium'.  I said I ordered a small diet.  Oh, you want the small?  Yes, I said.  I ordered the small.  This always happens to me at Culver's, why can't I get a small when I order a small?  She told me that they press a button for the beverage on the cash register and it automatically defaults to medium.

So I'm not nuts!

Although I hate having to make a point of contention over something that amounts to a twenty cent discrepancy, the fact is when you order a small you should get a small.  As it is, I don't finish the small until the ice melts, why would I want a medium?  I'm an adult and I know what I want!  Soft drinks are offered in Small, Medium and Large.  You can bet they hit a special button to switch the medium beverage to Large if that's what is ordered.  I'd just like the same consideration.
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Re:Culver's...How does one get a "smal?" 2009/08/18 04:33:49
That's fair enough.  I'll try that myself. 
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Re:Culver's...How does one get a "smal?" 2010/10/27 01:47:34
Culver's does have a small for drink cups, but as far as shakes and malts go they don't call it small but rather short. So just order a short chocolate malt etc and you'll be fine! Don't forget the Cheese Curds!