Great Houston Restaurants

Junior Burger
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2009/06/30 15:32:27
Man I have lived in Houston for quite a long time and I have yet to find such great restaurants and Chicken anywhere else.  I love going to restaurants and not having to wait a long time in order to get nothing but sloppy made food and service.  MMMM Barbecue Sauce, I love the BBQ in Houston because it is the best.  Who out there agrees with me, Texas has the best BBQ?

Baah Ben
Filet Mignon
Re:Great Houston Restaurants 2009/06/30 16:24:40
Have you been to Kansas City, Mo?

I have not been to Texas so I cannot make the comparison. 

Not giving you a hard time.  Can you make a hands on comparison? Have you been to Arthur Bryant's, Gates or LC's in KC?  
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Great Houston Restaurants 2009/07/01 10:52:49
I was with 2 friends on a sales trip to the Houston ara in 79.  From Oct to Jan.  We stayed in some of the local moteles with weekly rates and ate out all meals.  mostly it was all little local joints between Kema and Pasadena'.  There were a few little BBQ joints.  Mostly sandwiches with me getting hooked on the local Hot Likns and long neck Pearl.  There was an all you codl Mex buffet we did a few times.  Then I fell i love with a little seafood shck just over the bridge into kema.  We only went 2X as my friends werent huge shell fish guys but i was ready!  One of the worst was a tiny deli that offered an in house salad bar.  just cottage cheese, pot sals, iceberg mix and the ke.  My belly was shot for days.
Believe it or not our life saver was a Whataburger.  On Thanksgiving Day it was the only place we could find anywhere open!
I forgot Tookies.  Good stuff
We didnt do JJ walkers or any of the name places.  Just the type of foods that would fit right in here!
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Great Houston Restaurants 2009/07/05 01:22:53
I lived in Houston for 8 years before we moved here to Kansas, so I'm familiar with both.

I do miss Texas barbeque -  loved the beef brisket, ribs and Links, but don't remember any notable chicken places in Houston.  And Texas barbeque wasn't about the sauce, it was about smoking the meat.  My favorite wasn't in Houston, though - it was the City Market in Luling.

But I am able to console myself by driving an hour east to Kansas City and eating at Arthur Bryant's, Gates or Fiorello's Jack Stack.