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Double Chili Cheeseburger
2009/07/01 03:36:50
I have to chime i on one of the prides of our dinning area.  The Mel-O-Dee. What a business.  Go on a tuesday at 3Pm and expect a 20 min wait.  Watch while to go orders of over 100 pieces of broasted chicken are picked up from just a quick phone call ahead!  See people take 10 or more loaves of fresh baked bread home from the cashier.  It must seat 200 people yet the flow i and out the door is as steady asa well oiled machine!  The draw is their wonderful made from scratch versions of the most popular diner foods you could ask for.  And the home mad side dishes are always a perfect compliment to your dinner.
The biggest drw is the broaster. They offer broasted chicken as well as boneless breasts.  As well as succulently seasoned pork chops and even cod fllets to round out the choices.  Now wwith the volume they do and the fact that the broaster process is a good 30 min effort, how do they do it?  At one time they used to have 12 broasters chugging away at once.  the last time we were ther the server said they only had 8 up and it could take 45 min.
Round it out with choice steaks and even Prime Rib on special and you will find a true Sw Ohi gem!