Nitty Gritty is for sale

2009/07/02 10:36:24
Legendary Madison WI bar is on the market:
Over the years the Grittyburger has usually done well on local "best of" lists.
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Re:Nitty Gritty is for sale 2009/07/02 11:08:42
Do it Brad   I will come for the grand opening and a double bacon cheeseburger.
Re:Nitty Gritty is for sale 2009/07/03 17:15:00
  I think its ridiculous that that article does not even mention all the great musical artists that performed there over the years.When I went to school in Madison it was "the" place to go to see blues artists,Buddy Guy would play there whenever he was in town.Also there were the fine local bands,like Oz and the Tayles,bands who wouldnt play the corporate-rock game but were more interested in writing and playing fine music.Tayles even recorded their live LP there in 1971.
  When I was there i dont remember anything about birthdays.But its funny,i just read a couple months ago about the Copper Grid tavern over on Williamson St being torn down for a condo development.I know the Amber Grid on University Ave. closed down years back.I see the Kollege Klub freshman puke-fest bar is still there (like I would ever eat anything from that place) on State St.Too bad,Madison was a wonderful place in the un-exciting midwest back in the 60s,but it kinda ceased being fun when the Weathermen started blowing up builldings.Varsity.