Remembering R C Draft Cola from the 1990s

2009/07/07 22:33:04

Over the weekend I was re-organizing my garage's loft area with dozens of crates and boxes filled with assorted items, old small appliances and junk. One of the crates had a R C Cola Draft Cola bottle in bad condition, slightly cracked and deteriorated label. It made me recall the few years of the 1990s when R C bottled a real cane sugar cola and marketed it as draft cola. It was very tasty but sadly didn't last but a few years. Never learned why it was discontinued
Filet Mignon
Re:Remembering R C Draft Cola from the 1990s 2009/07/08 11:08:59
For two summers in collegwe, I worked at the RC plant at 47th and California in Chicago.  It was a great summer job.  While I worked on the trucks 98% of the time, a few days each summer we rotated and filled in inside. 

The soda was made and bottled cold, and we were alowed to drink as many as we wanted.  Back then, it was all sugar and 16 oz. bottles.  On a hot summer day, we could slam a bottle in one sip!
Bella Caffe
Re:Remembering R C Draft Cola from the 1990s 2009/08/09 10:16:05
The only way to remember an RC Cola is while eating a Moon Pie. RC & a Moon Pie, now thats a summer snack!