Bianchi's Pizza in Ottawa, IL

Junior Burger
2009/07/11 18:56:32
Hello everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has ever tried Bianchi's pizza in Ottawa, IL???
In my opinion, it is the best pizza I've ever had... thin (but not too thin) crust cut into little squares, excellent garlicky sauce and cheese, and greasy in the best of ways...
I've grown up on the stuff (and now crave it all the time because I'm away from home most of the year!!), so I was wondering if it's really as amazing as I think it is, or if it's just nostalgia plus growing up on their pizza...
So if anyone has been there, let me know what you think!!!  I think it's amazing (and it would probably be my last meal), but it'd be interesting to see what other people (especially those not raised on it!) think of it!  Thanks!