Lenox BBQ Houston Closing

Double Cheeseburger
2009/07/12 11:41:49
I heard on the news last night Lenox BBQ in Houston is closing to make room for the light rail line going through East Houston.
For those not familiar with Lenox it has been in buisness for 60 years and was founded by Leonard O'Neill one of the original "BBQ Barons of Texas" along with Walter Jetton of Dallas if I remember right.  According to the book Legends of Texas BBQ the two had a fierce competition going in the 60s to see which one would cater LBJs BBQs at the Texas White House in Stonewall Tx..  O'Neill is also credited for inventing the commercial BBQ smoker by converting a used proofing oven he bought from the Rainbow Bakery and using it to smoke large amounts of meat for his catering buisness.
They say they are going to keep the catering busness going for now and hope to rebuild the restaurant at a later date.