El Torero, Cape Girardeau, MO William St.

Junior Burger
2009/07/16 15:21:33
Here in Southeast MO, we have quite a few different Mexican Restaurants.  I have tried them all, and for me the best is El Torero's on William street(in a plaza by hastings).  There is also an El Torero's on Broadway but the William Street one is better.  Everytime we go, I get the Chicken Chimichanga.  I love it.  Big tortilla wrapped over fresh cooked veggies with chicken.  It's quite Large too, so it's worth the money you spend.  The Margarita's they make are excellent.  They have just enough alcohol for you to know it's there but not so much you freak out when you taste it, but it will take you off the stool ifyou have to many of them.  I really enjoy this restaurant very much.  The atmosphere is very nice and the host is typically very great.  Everyone has there days, always remember that :)