Conestoga's "Stogie Burger"

Junior Burger
2009/07/16 17:05:37
I've found that I can't drive within 50 miles of Alachua, FL without figuring out a way to stop and eat at Conestoga's! We often go before/after Gator football & basketball games, but we don't need much excuse to go for other reasons too!!!
The full-size "Stogie Burger," with cheese...cooked medium (due to the huge thickness) is something to die for! They have a "Stogie Jr.," but it never seems to taste as good as the regular-sized burger.
I've turned several people onto this place, and because I-75 is so close by...nobody passes it up anymore going to-or-fro other places in or out of Florida. AWESOME BURGER!!!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Conestoga's "Stogie Burger" 2009/07/16 17:12:28
LOVE Conestogas! I can honestly say I have never tried the Stogie burger because they grill an excellent steak, I always say I'll try something different and order....steak.  I like the fact that you can get either marinated or not.  I always choose the "not". The only thing that I have ever eaten there besides steak is the liver and onions and that was only once.
Thanks for bringing this up.  Oh and don't forget the Blue Bell ice cream on your way out!