Has anyone tried the Parma Violets?

Junior Burger
2009/07/21 19:41:21
Hi all,
I ordered some Parma Violets from ebay.com. They came from the UK. I am a fan of Violet candy and had to try them. I was a bit dissapointed. There was just not enough flavor. Not even a violet fragrance if you smell the package. Maybe because they came from UK to USA. Anyone like Parma Violets? Myself, I am sticking to Chowards Violets, they are just the best violet candy I have had. Lucky for me the company sells them online now, so I dont have to worry about not finding them in the store. Next I would like to try some chocolate cover violet creams that I found over in UK also.
Re:Has anyone tried the Parma Violets? 2009/07/28 13:09:53
Choward's for me.  Love the candy and love the gum!