Country Style Doughnuts - Richmond VA

2009/07/22 16:57:52
I am uncertain if this used to be part of a chain at all, but if it did that was a long time ago.  These folks make their doughnuts the old fashioned way.  The owner starts at 3 each day.  They are open 24 hours a day, (EXCEPT MONDAYS they are closed I am told)

We stopped in on the way back from Williamsburg on I-64.  It was really a short detour off the Interstate and well worth it, especially since it took us longer to pick out the doughnuts than to get them and get rung out.

It may not look like much, but inside is doughnut heaven - especially if you like GOOD peanut doughnuts.

Unfortunately the next picture is not a pretty one. It is the remains of our doughnut brunch Sunday morning after getting home from Williamsburg. 

Re:Country Style Doughnuts - Richmond VA 2009/07/26 13:33:48
My uncle lives in Upright, VA. Here is what he has to say about this place:

"You must think the tales about cops and doughnuts applies to Probation Officers as well! Said fables aside, I just happen to have sampled their wares on at least one or two occasions (actually it use to be every Friday, but James went back to NY and we have cut back). The cream filled chocolate and raspberry jelly are my favorites but there ain’t a bad one in the place. The original owners lived nearby but retired and sold it to a couple (Greek I think) who are out to realize the American Dream (prior to it becoming a nightmare which shows signs of improving slowly). They are a really nice couple and most of their customers are as much fixtures as the stools and counters). It’s on Williamsburg Rd just past Laburnum headed toward town (lots of my “customers” live in the area) but they are doing well."