Daily Scoop in Bristol, RI

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2009/07/24 08:47:43
Since this is the restaurant of the day (7/23/09) and the photo on the front page brings back delicious memories, I thought this place deserves its own thread.
This is another place wanderingjew, Travelin Man and myself visited over this past weekend.  As much as I enjoyed my homemade waffle cone and scoops of black raspberry chip and peppermint stick, I'm thinking I finished a distant third.  WJ got the banana peanut butter,

which the young lady who waited on us, said was the most popular flavor among the people who worked at the shop.  I did not sample it myself.  The flavor TTM tried,

the apple pie was unbelievably good!  No photo, since he was already hip deep into it before I could get my camera rolling.
The Daily Scoop is a place worth going out of your way for.
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Re:Daily Scoop in Bristol, RI 2009/07/24 09:17:15
Here is the link to when Chris, Amy and Stephen Rushmore visited The Daily Scoop as part of the New England ice cream series.


Filet Mignon
Re:Daily Scoop in Bristol, RI 2009/07/24 10:05:40
How do you think it compares with the ice cream from The Creamery at Penn State?
The Travelin Man
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Re:Daily Scoop in Bristol, RI 2009/07/24 10:16:32
I hope that buffetbuster doesn't mind, but I have a couple more photos to add to the collection - albeit without people in them!

Exterior of the building - so noted only for the seemingly increasing number of places that are "cash only."  I really couldn't believe just how few places we visited over the weekend that took credit cards.  I don't know if it is more of a northern thing (New York still seems to have a lot of cash only places, too) or a sign of the economy (businesses want to have a firm grasp on what is coming in and what is going out?).

By no means "inexpensive," Daily Scoop's prices were pretty reasonable compared to the other places where we stopped.

The flavor board.  I had been on a serious strawberry kick, and when I saw a flavor labeled "fresh strawberry," I really did have a hard time passing it up.

Definitely the best ice cream I had on this trip - and probably the best since Ted and Wally's last summer in Omaha.  It is apple pie on top, and coffee Oreo on the bottom.  The waffle cone was also freshly baked.  As a matter of fact, one of the employees was making waffle cones the whole time we were there, non-stop.  I thought BB got a photo of that, but perhaps it didn't turn out?

Bristol does have to be one of the more picturesque settings to eat one's ice cream, too.
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Re:Daily Scoop in Bristol, RI 2009/07/24 10:39:10
Excellent pics and I forgot about the coffee oreo.  Probably wasn't as good as the apple pie was, though.  I don't have much experience eating apple pie ice cream, but it tasted exactly like eating real apple pie.  And that is always a good thing!

Oh, and if you click on the restaurant (actually, the photo), you can see the rest of my pics for The Daily Scoop, including waffle cone girl.
Could you please edit your post and ask me a much easier question?  Of the five ice cream places I ate at over the weekend, The Daily Scoop was my favorite.  But, I am a big fan of the Penn State Creamery and will give that the nod.  Barely.  In fact, I will be eating some Peachy Paterno a week from tonight!
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Re:Daily Scoop in Bristol, RI 2009/07/24 11:07:55
Hmm...I guess with the concurrent thread going on the value of reading comprehension, it would help if I would read - AT ALL - before posting pictures that are eerily similar to yours!  It's really almost like we were BOTH there.
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Re:Daily Scoop in Bristol, RI 2009/07/24 11:12:31
Nah, I'm glad you posted those, since eventually The Daily Scoop will no longer be the restaurant of the day.  I'm going to take a wild guess and say sometime around midnight tonight.
There was a guy who looked a lot like you while I was there.  But it couldn't have been you.  This guy dressed better and smelled of johnnycakes.  Oh, and the ice cream store was open.
The Travelin Man
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Re:Daily Scoop in Bristol, RI 2009/07/24 12:21:29
If he smelled of johnnycakes, he surely must have been a tourist - because I didn't meet a single person from Rhode Island who ate them while on this trip.