Raucheraal (Smoked Eel) ?

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2009/07/28 19:31:09
Moin Forum!

Räucheraal is a german delicacy here in Northern Germany, especially in our Ammerland county, and in my hometown Bad Zwischenahn. The worldwide best smoked eel is produced by our local company Aal-Bruns. http://www.aal-bruns.de/

Back in the early 1900s, smoked eel was cheap food for the poor people, nowadays smoked eel is a very costly delicacy, the same as with Matjes-Hering.

Is smoked eel known over in the USA, did you ever taste it?  An american friend visited us many years ago, we invited Jim and his wife to a smoked eel dinner, in a trad. local restaurant, located in a several hundred years old farmhouse, close to our Zwischenahner Meer. Jim and his wife looked at the platter of smoked eels, asking: "What is it, smoked rattlesnake...???"

After telling Jim, it was a local seafood delicacy, Jim ate up 3! smoked eels, he was exited about this stuff...

The best place in the world to enjoy trad. german smoked eel. http://www.derspieker.de/

Here a photo of Der Spieker (The Storage)

This building is over 500 years old, a part of our local "Museumsdorf", and the Spieker-Restaurant inside this building is known by fans all over the world, for the best smoked eel, and the worldwide best Bauernfrühstück (Farmers Breakfast)

CU in Germany!

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Re:Räucheraal (Smoked Eel) ? 2009/07/28 19:36:54
I watched an episode of a food show that showed eel....not a popular food here in America, but looks good.
Re:Räucheraal (Smoked Eel) ? 2009/07/28 19:54:02
I know as a kid when we went fishing in the river and caught an eel we threw it back, we were 10 or 12...LOL...
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Re:Räucheraal (Smoked Eel) ? 2009/07/28 19:54:33
Fresh from the smoke...

In the shop...

On the table...


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Re:Räucheraal (Smoked Eel) ? 2009/07/28 20:38:37
Trad. the smoked eel, in low german accent named "Smoortaal", is served cold, fresh from the smoke, together with german black bread, and salted butter, nothing else.

The trad. appertaining drinks are 0,5 liters northern german beer, and a "Korn", a white wheat schnaps. After the eel dinner, the waiter pours some more "Korn" over your hands (not in your mouth...), to wash your hands from the fat of the eel, and the eating-ceremony is over.
(It is trad. here, to eat smoked eel by hand, without cutlery)

After the meal, more beer, more schnaps, advanced talking, I love it...

Kind regards


Re:Räucheraal (Smoked Eel) ? 2009/07/28 20:55:27
Michael_Germany , Sie haben völlig die Nacht Eule.   Ich liebe deutsche Küche.  Nichts wie eine gute Wurst
Pardon my German.
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Re:Räucheraal (Smoked Eel) ? 2009/07/28 21:08:49
Howdy Joseph!

Thank you for your kind response!

"Pardon my German."

You are welcome, and pardon my very bad english too, it is more than 40 years ago/away, I was taught the english language. The forum is a kind chance, to renew all this, I appreciate this very much.


Regards from Germany!

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Re:Räucheraal (Smoked Eel) ? 2009/07/29 12:51:24
Hi Michael,
I grew up on various smoked fish as a youth, but never eel.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever seen an eel in a fish monger shop here.  I've eaten eel quite a bit when I lived in Japan, but in the US, never.
I'm sure it tastes great though.  Fresh bread, a good cheese, smoked eel, and a few beers.  I could definately make an evening out of that!
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Re:Räucheraal (Smoked Eel) ? 2009/07/29 21:15:04
Moin WarToad!

Another north german preparation with fresh Eel is Brataal (Fried Eel).

Link: http://www.kalweit.net/An...te/BratAal/Brataal.htm

A somewhat "slimy" preparation, but it is very tasty, served here in nearly every local restaurant, together with fried potatoes and Spiegelei (Fried Eggs, Sunny side up...)

Man, I am hungry now...


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Re:Räucheraal (Smoked Eel) ? 2009/07/31 20:52:34

So, basically a simple seasoned flour coated eel, with what appears to be a carrot/onion/mushroom/herb cream/wine sauce.

When's dinner?  I'll bring over a bottle of Reisling!
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Re:Räucheraal (Smoked Eel) ? 2009/07/31 22:23:47
Moin WarToad!

The very best and tasty seafood over here are Nordseekrabben, "Granat" in low german language...


If possible, we buy the "Granat" fresh from a fishing cutter in a local harbor, fresh from the boat.

Fav. dish is "Granat" with black german bread, again salted butter, besides a fried, or a scrambled egg...

This dish tops every seafood worldwide, even the very best best lobster, it is only fished in the so called "Wattenmeer", the taste is incredibly...