Fosselman's Ice Cream, Alhambra, CA

Ham Radio
Junior Burger
2009/07/30 19:45:15
I was happy to see the review of Fosselman's Ice Cream in Alhambra, CA, posted today by Cruise Director.  For those not familiar with this family business, it is a jewel in the San Gabriel Valley (south of Pasadena).  It is worth a detour off I-10.
The ice cream is so good because they use old-fashioned creamery equipment from Iowa that is about as old as the 90th anniversary of the store.  The store also does a healthy wholesale business to the local ethnic restaurants (mostly Asian) by providing unique flavors to this local market.  Fosselman's offered Green Tea ice cream long before it was fashionable.  Their Rum Raisin will make you discard your carton of Haagen Dazs.  Real Pistachio and hand-mixed Rocky Road.
They'll hand-pack flavors (54 in all) or offer pre-made half gallons.  This is really fresh ice cream without preservatives. 
Just a local's opinion.  Thanks for looking.
Re:Fosselman's Ice Cream, Alhambra, CA 2009/07/30 20:16:24
Ham Radio,  Thanks for the review.  Sounds like a great place.
Re:Fosselman's Ice Cream, Alhambra, CA 2009/07/31 11:18:39
I'm hoping to go there on the 9th!