Tower Cafe, Sacramento CA best French Toast ever!

2009/08/01 11:28:34
Worth a visit if you're anywhere in the area.  Two giant slabs of french bread soaked overnight in custard and likely deep fried (it's a secret).  Very vanilla-y, crisp outside and creamy inside.  Get a half order, you won't be able to finish a whole.  But you might want some for later.  Killer chicken apple sausages and crispy potatoes with peppers.  Tower eggs (benedict with tomato) are a favorite.  Order the special coffee "La Flor" and don't forget to check out the dessert counter.  All in a gorgeous, south American kitsch atmosphere, with outdoor seating in a heated or misted cozy tropical garden. Very vegetarian-friendly.   Check out an indie movie at the historic Tower theater next door.   Avoid on weekends, too busy.  1518 Broadway.   
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Re:Tower Cafe, Sacramento CA best French Toast ever! 2009/08/01 12:12:11
It is a very pretty place,unique for sure ...also historical- the site of the very first Tower Records , and the old neon sign (really worth seeing for those who love that sort of thing ) still hangs . Gotta try that French toast!!