Hudson Valley, NY, Ribfest

seafarer john
Filet Mignon
2009/08/04 14:39:41
The Hudson Valley Ribfest will be held at the Ulster County Fairgrounds on August 14,15,16. The Highland Rotary Club member who is in charge tells me that they expect about 60 contestants this year - I think there were about 40 or 50 last year. The contestants prep area is open to the public and a lot of them are happy to give you a taste of whatever they are preparing - chicken, ribs, pulled pork, and unique to this affair, they are required to do an apple dish, It's remarkable what some contestants can do with apples on their grills.

Cheers, John 
the ancient mariner
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Re:Hudson Valley, NY, Ribfest 2009/08/04 16:01:16
Could you move it back a month John.  My shed-you-all has me in your neck of the woods on Sept 15th, 16th. 

Or maybe you can save a few ribs for me. 
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Hudson Valley, NY, Ribfest 2009/08/13 20:26:34
Hello Mariner ,

If you are going to be around the Hudson Valley around them and want to do a quick Hot Dog Meet let me  know and I'm sure we could get a bunch to meet you at Coney Island Rest. in Middletown or a nearby spot

And seafarer if I make it up there I will be looking for you buddy