Where to buy JJ Cassone sub/hero buns in NC?

2009/08/05 16:00:36
I heard these buns are the best for subs!!! Where can the home consumer buy them?? Thanks for your help!!!! :) :) :)
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Re:Where to buy JJ Cassone sub/hero buns in NC? 2009/08/06 08:28:13
JJ Cassone has a single bakery in Port Chester, NY, just north of New York City. I don't think I have ever seen their fresh products more than 150 miles from Port Chester. They have their own delivery trucks, and are sold by all the large supermarket chains around here. Once you get down to Philadelphia, Amoroso is found in many supermarkets. They make a comparable product. The flavor profile of these rolls change very rapidly from time of baking. I always buy the bag with the latest expiration date. When opening the bag, I always stick my nose in it for a whiff of the heavenly aroma. Sadly, I doubt anyone is trucking fresh Cassone products down to the Carolinas. Besides Amoroso in Philadelphia, similar products are made by Orlando Baking in Cleveland and Leidenheimer Baking in New Orleans (Reising brand).

Most of the firms I mentioned also produce frozen par-baked rolls for the foodservice market. While these never compare to fresh baked (due to the massive ovens these bakers all use), if you can get hold of some, they beat what you can get in local supermarkets.
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Re:Where to buy JJ Cassone sub/hero buns in NC? 2009/08/06 08:33:15
You could write or call and find out...


They are now selling them locally in Costco. They are a very nice roll!