Market Club in Sacramento

2009/08/06 12:43:25
The best directions I can give to this place is get yourself to the warehouse district off 5th and Broaday, and start asking.  It's hidden away in one of the produce warehouse lots, up on a loading dock.  The loading ramp doubles as the main and wheelchair entrance.  Good solid breakfasts for big appetites, such as 6 egg omelets and breakfast meats including fried pork cutlet (huge), chicken fried steak, baloney and SPAM along with huge servings of bacon, sausage or ham.   There is an Asian/Hawaain influence as evidenced by the question "rice or hashbrowns?"  On certain days, get the rice special with ground beef and ginger.   For lunch, try the woderful Short ribs and perfect fried chicken.  Right off I-5, 2630 5th St  916-498-9953  If you're on the road and don't plan on stopping again anytime soon, this is the place to load your belly up. 
Filet Mignon
Re:Market Club in Sacramento 2009/08/06 15:43:45
oh this looks like one to tuck away for our next trip back to visit our son in Chico!