Bedford Farms - Bedford, MA

2009/08/09 11:01:40
I took my family here a couple of nights ago for what I thought was going to be some good homemade ice cream. It stated on the RF website that they have been making their own since the 40's. I was surprised to see one of the girls that was scooping lift out an empty ice cream container with the words "Richardsons Ice Cream" printed plain as day on the side.
Don't get me wrong...the ice cream was good....but there is just a little disappointment in finding out that what was supposed to homemade...isnt even close.
I also think that the listing for Bedford Farms should have an asterisk next to it like that of Sammy Sosa & Barry Bonds.  
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Re:Bedford Farms - Bedford, MA 2009/08/19 12:46:00

That's the best story I have heard in a long time.  Thanks for posting the info.  I have never been to Gray's but am a fan of Richardson's.  I will stick with the original. 
I am doing my own ice cream survey this year and will try Kimball's next week.  Never been there before but have heard good things.
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Re:Bedford Farms - Bedford, MA 2009/08/19 12:47:30
Whoops - sorry - I meant Beford Farms, not Gray's.
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Re:Bedford Farms - Bedford, MA 2009/08/19 13:51:30
If you go to the Bedford Farms website and click "About Us" you get the following information (red color added):
What We Offer

Bedford Farms Ice Cream is open year-round. We serve homemade style gourmet ice cream, frozen yogurt and soft serve in over 60 flavors! Next door they now offer indoor ice cream service with a self serve area and elbow counter space.

Our History

1880 to 1950's - Bedford Farms was founded by the J.B. Prescott Company and is the longest continuously running business in the town of Bedford. During the late 40's and 50's the dairy began making ice cream. The ice cream was sold at Bedford Farms and also wholesale under the Bedford Farms label to local stores and homes.
1950's to 1984 - During this period, the dairy business went through many changes. Small dairy operations and home delivery were a part of small town family life. However, by the late 60's, many local dairies gave way to regional dairies. After 80 years of dairying, Bedford Farms milk division was sold and the business was operated just as a local ice cream stand.
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Re:Bedford Farms - Bedford, MA 2009/08/19 23:14:01
From the Roadfood restaurant listing:
"Since 1880, Bedford Farms has been the oldest continuously running business in the town of Bedford. During the late '40s, they discovered their gift for making premium ice cream and have been keeping up with the area's demands ever since. Boasting 16% butterfat, this luscious ice cream is extra-thick and packed with the most popular mix-ins."

Roadfood also has a restaurant listing for Richardson's:

Richardson't still has dairy cows on the site of their ice cream plant. They are located about 30 miles from the Bedford Farms ice cream stand. What I find interesting is how deceptive marketing hype affects people.

Certainly, the Roadfood review for Bedford Farms should be changed to something like "For people in the Bedford MA area who don't want to drive the 30 miles to the Richardson's Dairy in Middleborough, you can get the same great ice cream at the farmless Bedford Farms in Bedford."

Its funny how misleading cow manure hype outrages the posters to this forum.
Re:Bedford Farms - Bedford, MA 2009/08/20 00:17:09
I say a bit disappointing but since it is premium ice cream enjoy spin by Richardson's on your way through maybe they have Bedford tubs. Now if you go either and it says IGA might want to run not walk out of area.
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Re:Bedford Farms - Bedford, MA 2010/08/06 18:07:13
It is hard to find true farm made ice cream. Richardson is very good (and actually is made on a farm) so a lot of guys just use it rather than bother to make it. In my home town of Millbury Mass, Pearsons Elmhurst dairy does still make their own. It is sold in pints and quarts only out of a tiny on farm "store". It is worth the trip, but the flavor selection is often limited. They do not have a scoop shop.

An aside for those Cornell ice cream fans who gather here......I was told by an incoming Cornell senior who was working at the store that the Cornell ice cream plant is closed, pending rebuild.