Stockholm Pie Company, WI

Junior Burger
2009/08/10 09:19:43
Located on beautiful WI highway 35, on the portion of the Mississippi River known as Lake Pepin, Stockholm is a tiny hamlet that boasts one of the best pie shops in the country.  The Stockholm Pie Company is a locally owned and operated storefront that barely has enough room for the customers that crowd its narrow confines. 
Two cheerful ladies behind the counter are responsible for the considerable output of the bakery, which includes pies of all description, cookies, muffins and ice cream.  No canned apples or berries for these ladies: everything they make is made from fresh ingredients, most of which are locally grown.  The pie crusts are flaky and flavorful and the seasonings are perfect.  Pies come in 5" and 10" sizes, and while the price tag of $18 seems high for the large pie, it's well worth it.  We tried both the apple (made with Braeburns at this time of year) and the three-berry pies.  The apples were perfectly done, not hard, not mushy.  The berry pie was the real treat.  Made with a combination of fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, it really lit up our taste buds.
At the MN/WI border, drive south from I-94 on Scenic Highway 35 through Prescott, Maiden Rock and several other small communities.  Enjoy the scenic pullouts.  About 40 minutes later you'll arrive at Stockholm.  The storefront is on the corner of the highway and a side street.  It's worth the drive, believe me.  On the way back, stop at the bakery in Maiden Rock (open weekends) and pick up a loaf of cranberry/wild rice bread.  You'll thank me.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Stockholm Pie Company, WI 2011/08/19 13:09:58
Sorry I missed this thread the first time around.  Thanks for the excellent write up.  Cousin Johnny and I visited the Stockholm Pie Company last year and the pies were every bit as great as you said.
Apparently we aren't the only ones who feel this way, as they blew away the competition in this blind taste test, featuring Twin City pie shops.  While it is no surprise to see the Stockholm Pie Company do so well, it wasn't expected to see Betty's Pies perform so poorly.
Here is the Roadfood review for this fantastic pie shop.  I really need to get back there and soon!