The Levee: Hastings, MN

Junior Burger
2009/08/13 16:22:15
The Levee Restaurant, located about two blocks from the Mississippi River, is another accidental find for us.  We met our niece downtown for lunch and just decided to pop in for something simple.  None of us, including our niece (who lives in Hastings), had ever been in the place and it was nearly empty, which gave us a bit of a pause.  But we took the plunge and sat down, which turned out to be a fortuitous decision.
When the server came to the table, I immediately asked if the burger was fresh or frozen and if the fries were likewise.  She quickly assured me that they make everything fresh, including the roast birds for the turkey sandwiches.  She highly recommended the beer-batter onion rings, but I opted for the fries.  My wife ordered a version of the turkey sandwich that included a garlic dressing, and our niece ordered fish and chips.
The burger arrived sizzling and medium-rare, as ordered.  It was immediately obvious that they haven't discovered the joys of twice-fried French fries, but at least they weren't blackened, as is usually the case with improperly cooked spuds.  The turkey was as advertised and the fish filets were fluffy and golden, served with malt vinegar.  As I started to dig in, I saw an order of the onion rings pass by the table, and suffered immediate pangs of regret as they looked delicious.
The burger was as tasty as it looked.  Topped with crisp bacon slices and American cheese, and complemented with fresh veggies and a pickle spear, it was juicy and flavorful.  The bun was soft and pillowy, providing a delivery method for the burger without becoming a distraction or a chewy wad of dough.  All-in-all, an outstanding meal for all of us.