My BBQ round-up

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2009/08/14 12:01:23

Just checking in. I have been quiet lately but I felt with the latest inclusion of Smitty's along with some other folks, I have been slacking. Here are some of the places I have visited.

Texas Rib Kings:

For a place with a name like that you would think that they would have the beef ribs available for lunch. I had the pork ones and they were kind of dry in texture. The brisket was tender, but for those looking for a flavorful crust, it isn't there.  They are close by, but...

Mann's is even closer. So close that I can walk my dogs and tie em up while I eat. I have posted about them before, but here is a return visit:

They are pretty good and convenient. They have a good lunch business from my observations and I like that they give a little taste of some dessert as a extra. My only memory of this meal was that the mac&cheese had started to separate from the heat and the greens were more like a soup, mostly liquid.

Southside Market is about 20 minutes away:

Now here we have a improvement in the beef rib category. That is a big rib and there is a lot of sausage hiding under it. One thing that is unique to them is that they offer mutton. This and lamb breast are sadly overlooked, but it is a meaty and marbled slice of flavor.

I decided that I was going to take a back road roadtrip, unencumbered by any destination. Driving in a big circle led me to Black's:

This is their brisket sandwich and it was here that I felt a little closer to appreciating brisket. This was as tender as any, but the smoky taste and crust did shine. I only went for one side, but the macaroni salad is excellent and I should have gone for two scoops.
In closing here is a chili burger from a place that I am investigating for a future review, Frisco's..:

One last thing. This is pretty cool. There are about a million bats living under the Congress St. Bridge. Here they are leaving the bridge as twilight approaches. Next week, Austin is holding a Bat-Fest. You know that I'll be checking that out...


mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:My BBQ round-up 2009/08/14 13:25:31
Thanks Mark. We did the sausage at Blacks and found it to be as good or better than any of the great Pits in Lockhart (or anywhere!)
Filet Mignon
Re:My BBQ round-up 2009/08/14 13:47:42
Black's remains one of the best BBQ experiences I've ever had.

Meanwhile, I'm glad I'm not one of your dogs ... tie me up outside while you go in for beef ribs a brisket and I'm not sure I'd be your best friend when you emerged.  :)
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:My BBQ round-up 2009/08/14 14:22:50
  when we stopped at Louis Muellers last year we asked the counterperson if they had any scrap beef bones (after we had ordered and eaten!) They gave us a plastic bag with a couple of Beef Rib Bones, and a bunch of brisket "trimmings" (the whole thing weighed at least 5 lbs!!)  Needless to say our Scotties were very happy eaters for the next couple of days!

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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:My BBQ round-up 2009/08/23 10:56:05
I'm thankful I ate breakfast before I read this post! Thanks for posting such great pictures!