Great River Coffee Roasters: Pepin, WI

Junior Burger
2009/08/17 14:11:07
Yet another of the great small businesses that dot WI-35 along the Mississippi River (see my other reviews).  Located on the main street (Hwy 35), Great River roasts their own beans on site, with a great selection from Ethiopian Harrara to Tanzanian Peaberry to their own blends, among which is one called Mississippi Mud.  In addition to coffee, the cafe serves breakfast and lunch items.
For breakfast, we both had the breakfast burrito with bacon.  The eggs and bacon were cooked on the spot and not served up from a refrigerator, and the bacon was also fried fresh.  The burrito includes (along with the eggs), fresh chopped peppers and cheddar cheese, all rolled into a large tortilla.  It's served with bacon, sour cream and salsa on the side.
The result was large and filling, but like many foods in the Midwest, it was bland.  When I make breakfast burritos at home, I cut up the bacon, dust it with chili spices, then saute it and roll it up with the eggs (I mentioned this to the proprietor).  The other failing of this meal was that the tortilla was not heated prior to wrapping the eggs.  However, if spice is not your thing, you could certainly do worse than this meal.  We ate outside on a veranda that was generously endowed with colorful flowers.  Umbrellas were provided for shade.  I'd give the endless coffee a 10/10 for freshness, flavor and quantity, and the breakfast burrito an 8/10 for freshness, but sadly a 6/10 for flavor.
Re:Great River Coffee Roasters: Pepin, WI 2009/08/18 15:17:29
I have been to Great River Coffee Roasters, the coffee is excellent for that part of the country. The little town of Pepin is very laid back and beautiful.  It is in Wisconsin but on the Mississippi river, straigt out of M. Twain.  Also there is a little museaum for Laura Ingalls Wilder who wrote Little House on the Prarie, she lived there.

It is just a great little gem of a town with very good coffee!
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Re:Great River Coffee Roasters: Pepin, WI 2009/08/19 04:32:24
Pepin also has

In nearby Nelson WI is

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Re:Great River Coffee Roasters: Pepin, WI 2009/08/19 09:09:35
The Harborview Restaurant has had national press, including positive review by the New York Times.  We ate there the day after we arrived and were very pleased with the food.  They don't take reservations, so the wait can be long if you don't get there early.