Best breakfast in Miami - original La Carretta

Junior Burger
2009/08/21 12:46:32
IF you can get to the original La Carretta on 8th in Miami, they have a special Cuban breakfast chef and menu that's pretty good from 6 to something like 10 a.m. I tried to get there during my Feburary, 2009 visit but erred by basing myself to the north of them - no way I could deal with their NYC transplant rush hour traffic. Other La Carretta's do have breakfast items but it's on the regular menu.
Wandering Chew
Re:Best breakfast in Miami - original La Carretta 2009/09/20 23:17:22
La Caretta's are a local chain- they vary in quality. The one on SW 8th street east of LeJuene is good, as is the one on Bird Rd
(SW 40th st) east of 87th ave.

The old latin American Cafeteria on Coral way (SW 24th st) and 22n st was good for a cuban bkfst but was damaged in 1 of the hurricanes of 05 and never rebuilt. too bad.

I like Roasters Deli on US1 and 90th for good bagels, smoked fish and eggs- big omelettes.
Filet Mignon
Re:Best breakfast in Miami - original La Carretta 2009/09/21 14:47:45
What was on the menu that was special?  What did you have?  What do you recommend?

Wandering Chew
Re:Best breakfast in Miami - original La Carretta 2009/09/21 23:19:07
Roasters is a deli in the Carnegie mold- the sandwiches are oversized with excellent corned beef and pastrami, roasted turkey, very good tuna chicken and egg salad, chopped liver, with sour and 1/2 sour pickles and cole slaw on the table and freshly served when you sit- not sitting there all day.
the breakfasts are big- big omelettes, good chewy bagels, or all kinds of toasts which they serve with creme cheese or chive cheese lox spread or veggie creme cheese- included w/ breakfast- good home fries or grits- will substitute good big slices of tomatoes or good oatmeal w/ brown sugar raisins etc. all types of smoked fish, lox, nova, whitefish, baked salmon, sturgeon, herring, and salads- whitefish, salmon. Good coffee bar with many varieties/flavors. Its all good quality with big portions and waiters/waitresses that make everyone feel like regulars-i am and send clients from out of town all the time who always seem to like it. Only open for breakfast and lunch and now have a branch in Aventura/NMB. 

My Cuban secretary swears by the tuna melt on rye-very chewy and crispy crust.My son loves the steak sandwich 
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Best breakfast in Miami - original La Carretta 2009/09/22 11:20:10
Think you'll find a better deal for breakfast at Sergio's.   There's a very decent deli hidden in a Plaza called Lot's of Lox a few miles further south on the same side in a Office Depot plaza around 150th. Not cheap, but still delivers an old world product. For those who remember the area, think Pumpernicks or Chippy's in the gables.
Wandering Chew
Re:Best breakfast in Miami - original La Carretta 2009/09/26 23:51:57
Sergios is OK- depends on location. Latin American cafe had better cuban toast and cheaper price.

Lots of Lox is hit or miss - bagels pedestrian even by a Miami std's - Roasters is much better and more geographically desirable. you can't compare them in my opinion.