Free Refill: Coffee / Soft Drinks ?

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2009/08/28 14:57:10
Greetings, Roadfooders!

"Free Refill" is not common here in Germany, only MDs offers free refill for their coffee. Being in Manitoba/Canada in 1979, free refill for soft drings was common in most of the cafes, also for coffee, what about this in the USA...?

I am wondering, if they will start to charge for a toothpick or a paper napkin over here in Germany...

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Re:Free Refill: Coffee / Soft Drinks ? 2009/08/28 15:07:52
Having been in the US a few times, free soft drink and coffee refills were the norm...although I nearly always had to ask for them without the ice otherwise the drinks would be half water (same here in Canada too).

It's starting to catch on in the UK now too with the American chains such as TGI's.
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Re:Free Refill: Coffee / Soft Drinks ? 2009/08/28 15:36:10
Greetings to Canada, kirstine!

Being in Shilo/Manitoba in the year 1979, "free refill" was new to us german soldiers, we never used this offer for soft drinks, modest as we were...

Coffee free refill was common over there, but I do not like to talk about canadian so called "Coffee", sorry.

All you can eat restaurants are very popular here in Germany, but you have to pay for every single drink, be it beer, a soft drink, or a cup of coffee...
(btw, I do not like this "All you can eat" restaurants here in Germany, I have never visited such a place.)

Kind regards

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Re:Free Refill: Coffee / Soft Drinks ? 2009/08/28 16:23:26
The 'free refill' offer varies widely around the country (USA) . Many places offer free tea and coffee refills, but not other beverages. Some offer the coffee and tea and Soda, or at least some soda. The two beverages seldom included in the 'free refill' catagory are Milk and (Real) Juice.  Alcoholic beverages are seldom part of the free-refill deal anywhere.
Re:Free Refill: Coffee / Soft Drinks ? 2009/09/05 06:37:20
on the west coast, most of the fast-food places have self-service soda dispensers in the dining areas and free refills are usually allowed. most upscale restaurants give free refills on anything that doesn't come out of a bottle or can (coffee, tea, soda on tap) but i've never been to a restaurant that gives out free beer refills...:(
Re:Free Refill: Coffee / Soft Drinks ? 2009/09/14 20:55:12
I remember when I grew up in Canada that most places charged for soft drinks by the glass and when I visited my relatives in Texas, they had free refills.