Turkey on the grill

Junior Burger
2003/12/20 16:28:29
Hey Sundancer, There is only one way to cook turkey, and that is on the grill.
I split mine down the breast and lay it out flat with the skin side up. before I start cooking it I make a hole in the skin just big enough to get a finger in, take the handle end of a spoon and insert it in the hole to separate the skin from the meat. After that I like to put sliced garlic, onion, butter and spices [greek seasoning] and pepper under the skin. take the spoon or finger and spread it around under the skin.
For a 12-14 LBer it usually takes about 3-4 hrs around 275-300 to cook.
Don't dry it out. I have done it on a smoker also, it's better
Try it, You will like it