Ginger candy & arthritis

2009/09/02 17:14:11
Ginger really helped me with my morning sickness years ago, and my husband swears it works for motion sickness. 
I decided to eat one of my husband's seasick remedy stash--I heard it helps with digestion, so I grabbed the Reed's chewy ginger and got hooked on them.  I finished off the bag, went out and bought the Chimes brand.  Not as good as Reeds, but still ok.  Been eating them daily.  A few days ago I noticed that the inflammation is down on my osteoarthritis. 
I tried the grape juice & Certo and acai juice for the arthritis, but this ginger seems to work the best for me. 
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Re:Ginger candy & arthritis 2009/09/02 22:34:05
Not familliar with the brands. Are speaking of crystalized ginger?
Re:Ginger candy & arthritis 2009/09/04 15:59:31
No.  These are made with ginger juice and tapioca starch.  Nice and chewy.  Our Wal Mart here sells the Chimes brand.  You can find other brands at the Asian markets.