Defunct Chain Locations in RI

Junior Burger
2009/09/03 13:39:31
I'm trying to put together a Google Map showing all of the defunct chain restaurants in Rhode Island and I was curious if anyone could shed some light on locations for me. You can check out what I have so far here.  It is by no means complete, but I have quite a few listings so far. At the moment I am trying to track down the exact locations of the Carrols in Woonsocket and Middletown as well as the Kelly's, which I think were in Olneyville and Warwick. I also have a building on Broad Street on my map that looks like it was a chain, but I'm unsure of what. I think I am also missing some former Jack In The Box locations. (I'm including chains that have long since pulled out of New England but still exist...)

If anyone has any info, or has details of other chains that I havent added yet, I'd love to know more!

Re:Defunct Chain Locations in RI 2009/09/16 21:05:54
I can only offer that I have seen a building still standing in Woonsocket that looks like it might have been a Red Barn. I have no idea if Red Barn ever operated in New England.
If I can remember the location I will post it, it is on a main road and last I saw was operating as a restaurant.
Re:Defunct Chain Locations in RI 2009/09/17 00:36:02
For plenty of info/pics and locations of Red Barn resturants check out:
Re:Defunct Chain Locations in RI 2009/09/17 19:33:11
Frates was a small chain of ice cream / dairy bars in the area which used a giant milk bottle for their buildings.  There is one standing (by a stretch of the imagination) on rt 146 in Woonsocket (right side, headed north).  Reportedly, there is one at 2344 Acushnet Ave in New Bedford.  There is one currently being used as a breakfast spot just north of Taunton, MA on Rt 138 in Raynham.  I'm not sure how many were in this small chain.
sk bob
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Re:Defunct Chain Locations in RI 2009/09/17 20:31:55
cool idea liam. keep us posted
Re:Defunct Chain Locations in RI 2009/09/17 21:15:50
  Were there any Howdy Beefburgers in Rhode Island?
Junior Burger
Re:Defunct Chain Locations in RI 2009/09/24 00:52:18
When the hungries hit, when the hungries hit, HIT THE RED BARN!!
I miss the Red Barn, fried chicken meals , barnbusters, cheesbusters, big barney mmmmmmmmmmmmm