RIP Stone's?

Junior Burger
2009/09/04 06:34:06
As a Marshalltown native, I am well aware of the history of Stone's Restaurant.  My purpose in joining the conversation is simply to tell the truth about developing and operating this restaurant.  It is 5:21 AM, and I have been up for an hour re-reading pie crust and cinnamon roll recipes.  In an hour, I will go to the restaurant to prepare for our fifth day of business by getting down on my hands and knees and scrubbing bathroom floors, dusting the walls and vaccuuming 3,500 square feet of carpet.
Virtually all of our guests have responded enthusiastically to the appearance of the property and to the quality of the food.  We are correcting errors on the fly.  The lemon chiffon pie is a work in progress.
By the way, Iowanatheart's mother could not have received any partially frozen food because the only product that comes to us frozen is catfish, and we haven't served any of that yet.
Junior Burger
Re:RIP Stone's? 2009/12/03 21:04:45
I was thrilled when Stone's opened back up.  The food is good and I find it hard to believe someone got something frozen, don't think so.  Everything we have had has been freshly made and tasty!  Never been a fan of lemon meringue pie but lots of people rave about the pie that was made there.  My fave happens to be coconut cream with meringue on top, but it would be hard for anyone to top mine made with my grannies recipe!  Look forward to many more tasty meals from Stone's.  Even though it's changed, the food is still good and worth going to!  Don't go expecting it to be what it was but go expecting good service and a good meal!