A new (to me) mixed drink.

Fire Safety Admin
2009/09/12 01:50:51
I rarely drink cola anymore. So Wednesday night while at the grocery store I bought a 12 pack of diet orange crush. Tastes good and doesn't mess with my stomach.
So as I'm pouring a can into a glass I say to myself... Self, I bet that would taste prety good with a shot or 2 of Cap't Morgan coconut rum added to it. Well ya know what, it did.
I'll be doing that again :)
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:A new (to me) mixed drink. 2009/09/12 02:11:00
 Tropical flavors tend to mix well. I like coconut and orange so I will try this at home. I might use Malibu rum instead. Coconut and pineapple flavored rum. Sounds like a good Pina Colada to me. I will be using regular Orange Crush though as I don't like the aftertaste of diet sodas.

David O.
Re:A new (to me) mixed drink. 2009/09/12 02:56:23
You know, coconut rum goes surprisingly well with so many things.